Friday, June 26, 2009

We recently wrote an article about the idea of simply embellishing a set of fairy wings for a fun activity at a fairy princess party. This is a simple way for the girls to enjoy some time together at a party. the embellishments would be cheap and easy to find at walmart or any craft store and might include feathers, buttons, foam shapes and more.
Start with a simple pair of fairy wings and then choose the items to attach to it. Maybe you would prefer to have your wings themed around feathers and you can start with lining the tops with the color feather you want. then just continue to place feathers with small amounts of glue over the wing. This can become very elaborate if you want it to or you can just keep it simple and have just a few accents.
the sky is the limit and you decide how you want your feather fairy wings to look.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glamour Relay Race

Have two teams race to dress up in selected sets of accessories. Once they're dressed, let the girls race down a "runway," pose for a Polaroid, and run back for the next girl's turn. The first team to finish wins. Girls can also decorate frames glitter-style to hold their Polaroids.

Party idea from

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's how to nurture your child's imaginative soul -- and to help it flourish.

An Opportunity for Creativity

For his second birthday, my older son, Matt, received an easel-and-paint set as a gift. My husband and I showed him how to use it once -- and he was off. He painted all day, every day, for weeks. Each painting took only a few seconds to complete (like most 2-year-olds, he had a short attention span), but he obviously took great delight in his colorful creations.

Seven years later, when my younger son was the same age, we pulled out the easel and paints for him. Hoping to re-create his brother's experience, I showed him how to use the watercolors and even painted a picture of a cat. Greg stared at the easel for a second, then walked away to play with his action figures.

I've since come to accept that some kids are more naturally inclined to creative pursuits than others. To this day, my older son, now 12, has a more artistic spirit than his younger brother. But just because a child isn't destined to be the next Pablo Picasso doesn't mean that his creative development should be ignored. "All children can and should learn how to tap into their own creativity," says Torie Seeger, a senior program specialist at the Early Childhood Education and Training Program of the State University of New York at Albany. "Some of them simply need more opportunities and more guidance than others."


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Princess Puzzle Game

Here is a great idea for a fun princess party game. As with most games this can be converted to work for any theme if you need to do a game for a different theme but as we are all about princesses this will be a princess party theme. No matter what princess, fairy or fairy tale character your party is based on if any this idea will be a hit. First thing is to get an image of a princess, fairy, Barbie or other and print off several copies. Make enough so each girl can have one. Glue the picture to some poster board or card stock and then cut each of them out into shapes. Let the girls match the princess pieces together as part of the activities of the party.

Another option for a similar game is to have just one puzzle and cut it into as many pieces as needed so that each girl gets one piece when you start the game. Then they have to find a girl with a matching piece until the entire puzzle is back together.

Which ever way you decide to play it your girls will have a blast with this party idea.

Monday, February 9, 2009

We've gotten behind already. There is so much going on and life seems to pull you in many directions. Do you ever feel that way? We feel it is best to prepare early and get that list done soon so the stress doesn't get too high near your event. Spring is coming soon and parties and dress up will be in full swing if not already. Valentines day is a great time to give and we will have many items on sale for you to enjoy sharing. If you have a party coming this year get the supplies early and be prepared on time.
Princess Dress Up Shop is ready for orders and offers high quality dress ups at an affordable price. If you have not checked it out yet go see the site. The clothing you will find through is all washable and will last for years.
More party ideas are on their way. We will also be starting a pole soon to find out how much you like free stuff so keep tuned in to the blog for more updates.

Monday, February 2, 2009

We have begun to gather more details for party games and ideas and will start listing these here for you. In most cases the games you will play will be variations of common games. Just give it a princess or fairy twist and you're off with a unique party idea. Your princess dress up party will be a success!

Princess Party Games and Activities

Begin the party...

When your princesses arrive to the party escort them to your dress up room. Here you will have the tiaras, wands, boas, wings or any other dress up items you wish to provide. Allow the girls to get dressed up for the party. It may be a good idea to ask the girls to arrive in appropriate dress up attire unless you will be able to provide dress up clothes for each girl. A mirror or two would of course be a good idea for this beginning activity.

Missing princess things!

Place several items on a table or display them to the girls. The items can include
tiaras, wands, lipstick or other items.
Have one of the girls leave the room and remove one of the items and then let them guess what is missing when they come back.
Another way to play this one is to put items down to display and then cover them. Go around the circle and have each girl lay a new item down and then repeat (after replacing cover) what all hidden items are.

Pass the Tiara

The old hot potato game can be converted to many different ideas to make a fun game. You don’t have to toss a potato only. Passing a tiara or a decorated purse around the circle while playing music is a great alternative to this game. When you get stuck with the tiara (or purse) sit out one round and be in charge of the music. Have some party favors or treats to hand out after the game.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here is our first video attempt that gives you a few ideas of costumes created with our products:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Princess and Fairy Princess Parties

We have had big demand for princess party game ideas for many of our customers from Little Fairy Wings and Princess Dress UP Shop and so we are going to create this blog to help with that demand for creative party ideas for your little princesses and for your fairy princess parties. I hope you find this information informative and helpful. Please share our blog and sites with others who are looking for great party ideas and dress up supplies.

There are several things you need for a great party:
  • Several excited princesses
  • Party favors that may include:
  1. Fairy princess wands
  2. Princess tiaras
  3. Feather boas
  4. Fairy wings
  • Great ideas for party games
  • Plenty of good food
For the most part that will cover it and you will be able to through a fun bash that all will enjoy. The party should be fun and enjoyed by all so (no pressure) you will need to prepare a little in advance to have things ready and make sure the games are enjoyed by all. The games you choose will likely be determined by the age of your princess(es).

One idea that is basically a morph of the old "pin the tale on the donkey" is a game we call Place the wings on the fairy or if you prefer, Place the tiara on the princess. As I have thought about this game and the potential for it I realize there could be many variations and I will try to discuss them all here and we encourage any of you to add your comments for any thoughts you have on the topic.
Basic play can involve a simple drawing and card board cut out. Let's start with the fairy wings and fairy princess idea. If you want to pin the wings on the fairy then you will need:
  • One fairy card board cutout
  • One set of fairy wings (cardboard cutout or small butterfly fairy wings)
  • Tape, magnet or push pin (depending on how you will place the wings)
  • Hanging string, push pins, cork board or some way to hang the fairy up on a wall or board.
Now I know not everyone is an artist and the thought of making your own fairy cutout with cardboard is scary. There are many resources out there for you to use to assist with this. Try a simple search on google to start to at least give you some ideas for the design. Search for fairy cutout or fairy clip art and you will find several results that may help. You might want to click on the "images" option at the top of the google search results window so you are looking just at the image results and not a lot of writing or web pages.
You still have the problem of putting it to scale and then cutting it out. If you still feel you are not able to do this then you may want to talk to your local neighborhood teenager. Another thought you might try is take a hint from one of those baby Einstein movies. We watch those a lot and I have noticed on one it tells you how to draw with basic shapes.
If you think about it that way then creating a fairy cutout can be pretty simple with a circle for the head a rectangle for the body two thinner rectangles for legs and arms and two for feet and hands. Play with that idea and remember to use your creative side. For the wings create two circles for the bottom sections and two elongated triangles for the top. Play with the curves a bit and have fun with it. If you need lots of card board to practice go on down to your local furniture store and ask for some empty boxes. they will be glad to send you away with as much as you need.