Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Princess and Fairy Princess Parties

We have had big demand for princess party game ideas for many of our customers from Little Fairy Wings and Princess Dress UP Shop and so we are going to create this blog to help with that demand for creative party ideas for your little princesses and for your fairy princess parties. I hope you find this information informative and helpful. Please share our blog and sites with others who are looking for great party ideas and dress up supplies.

There are several things you need for a great party:
  • Several excited princesses
  • Party favors that may include:
  1. Fairy princess wands
  2. Princess tiaras
  3. Feather boas
  4. Fairy wings
  • Great ideas for party games
  • Plenty of good food
For the most part that will cover it and you will be able to through a fun bash that all will enjoy. The party should be fun and enjoyed by all so (no pressure) you will need to prepare a little in advance to have things ready and make sure the games are enjoyed by all. The games you choose will likely be determined by the age of your princess(es).

One idea that is basically a morph of the old "pin the tale on the donkey" is a game we call Place the wings on the fairy or if you prefer, Place the tiara on the princess. As I have thought about this game and the potential for it I realize there could be many variations and I will try to discuss them all here and we encourage any of you to add your comments for any thoughts you have on the topic.
Basic play can involve a simple drawing and card board cut out. Let's start with the fairy wings and fairy princess idea. If you want to pin the wings on the fairy then you will need:
  • One fairy card board cutout
  • One set of fairy wings (cardboard cutout or small butterfly fairy wings)
  • Tape, magnet or push pin (depending on how you will place the wings)
  • Hanging string, push pins, cork board or some way to hang the fairy up on a wall or board.
Now I know not everyone is an artist and the thought of making your own fairy cutout with cardboard is scary. There are many resources out there for you to use to assist with this. Try a simple search on google to start to at least give you some ideas for the design. Search for fairy cutout or fairy clip art and you will find several results that may help. You might want to click on the "images" option at the top of the google search results window so you are looking just at the image results and not a lot of writing or web pages.
You still have the problem of putting it to scale and then cutting it out. If you still feel you are not able to do this then you may want to talk to your local neighborhood teenager. Another thought you might try is take a hint from one of those baby Einstein movies. We watch those a lot and I have noticed on one it tells you how to draw with basic shapes.
If you think about it that way then creating a fairy cutout can be pretty simple with a circle for the head a rectangle for the body two thinner rectangles for legs and arms and two for feet and hands. Play with that idea and remember to use your creative side. For the wings create two circles for the bottom sections and two elongated triangles for the top. Play with the curves a bit and have fun with it. If you need lots of card board to practice go on down to your local furniture store and ask for some empty boxes. they will be glad to send you away with as much as you need.

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