Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Princess Puzzle Game

Here is a great idea for a fun princess party game. As with most games this can be converted to work for any theme if you need to do a game for a different theme but as we are all about princesses this will be a princess party theme. No matter what princess, fairy or fairy tale character your party is based on if any this idea will be a hit. First thing is to get an image of a princess, fairy, Barbie or other and print off several copies. Make enough so each girl can have one. Glue the picture to some poster board or card stock and then cut each of them out into shapes. Let the girls match the princess pieces together as part of the activities of the party.

Another option for a similar game is to have just one puzzle and cut it into as many pieces as needed so that each girl gets one piece when you start the game. Then they have to find a girl with a matching piece until the entire puzzle is back together.

Which ever way you decide to play it your girls will have a blast with this party idea.

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