Monday, February 2, 2009

We have begun to gather more details for party games and ideas and will start listing these here for you. In most cases the games you will play will be variations of common games. Just give it a princess or fairy twist and you're off with a unique party idea. Your princess dress up party will be a success!

Princess Party Games and Activities

Begin the party...

When your princesses arrive to the party escort them to your dress up room. Here you will have the tiaras, wands, boas, wings or any other dress up items you wish to provide. Allow the girls to get dressed up for the party. It may be a good idea to ask the girls to arrive in appropriate dress up attire unless you will be able to provide dress up clothes for each girl. A mirror or two would of course be a good idea for this beginning activity.

Missing princess things!

Place several items on a table or display them to the girls. The items can include
tiaras, wands, lipstick or other items.
Have one of the girls leave the room and remove one of the items and then let them guess what is missing when they come back.
Another way to play this one is to put items down to display and then cover them. Go around the circle and have each girl lay a new item down and then repeat (after replacing cover) what all hidden items are.

Pass the Tiara

The old hot potato game can be converted to many different ideas to make a fun game. You don’t have to toss a potato only. Passing a tiara or a decorated purse around the circle while playing music is a great alternative to this game. When you get stuck with the tiara (or purse) sit out one round and be in charge of the music. Have some party favors or treats to hand out after the game.

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