Monday, February 9, 2009

We've gotten behind already. There is so much going on and life seems to pull you in many directions. Do you ever feel that way? We feel it is best to prepare early and get that list done soon so the stress doesn't get too high near your event. Spring is coming soon and parties and dress up will be in full swing if not already. Valentines day is a great time to give and we will have many items on sale for you to enjoy sharing. If you have a party coming this year get the supplies early and be prepared on time.
Princess Dress Up Shop is ready for orders and offers high quality dress ups at an affordable price. If you have not checked it out yet go see the site. The clothing you will find through is all washable and will last for years.
More party ideas are on their way. We will also be starting a pole soon to find out how much you like free stuff so keep tuned in to the blog for more updates.

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